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Student Memories ….

December 11, 2013 by Principal of HIS

Holy Innocent’s School Memories

    By: Joseph B./ Eusebio/ Valerie

Do you want a great event that you will remember? Lots of great memories have happened here in Holy Innocents Catholic School! We have had so much fun! For example, we have had family nights, treasure nights, school carnivals, family faith festivals, Christmas programs, and F.O.P’s. We WILL have great events that the children of Holy Innocents School will enjoy for the rest of their time at Holy Innocents. Students here have always talked so much about the great events that have happened here at the school. Every year, students wait for these moments so that they can enjoy. Staff members, and teachers are always cooperative with the school and students. Please come and enjoy this memories as we are taking steps closer to become a bigger family with Holy Innocents Catholic School!



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