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Financial Aid

Holy Innocents School strives to assist families who are unable to pay full tuition. Tuition scholarships for students are based on need and merit.

Catholic Education Foundation

DEADLINE: Parents MUST submit for this program by March 22nd.

All Holy Innocents students are eligible for the need-based Tuition Award Program offered by the Catholic Education Foundation. Each eligible student who applies will receive a $1,000 annual scholarship. For an application, please come into the Front Office.

Accepted Financial Documentation

  • Recent tax returns or W2 forms.
  • Formal letter of disbursement for Unemployment, Disability and/or Social Security 
  • Formal letter of disbursement for AFDC, Food Stamps and/or WIC
  • Court order of alimony and/or child support

High School Scholarships

In order to help ensure that each of our students continue their Catholic education, many Holy Innocents’ eight graders who are accepted into a Catholic high school receive a partial scholarship from the Catholic Education Foundation.